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Welcome to the info page of my app „Horse Manager“. I developed this app for horse-lovers just like myself who wish to have an overview of all payments for your horse(s).

You can finde the „Horse Manager“ at Apples App-Store here: Link in iTunes. If you encounter problems in the app feel free to contact me via e-Mail:

App Usage

First of all you have to create a horse in the database. This is done using the first menu item „My Horses„. You can enter infinite horses, each with its own picture.

If there are any horses present you can enter Appointments of the types „blacksmith“, „inoculation“, „veterinary“ and „(other) payments“. If you enter an appointment the system will automatically create an entry in your iphones calendar so you’ll receive a notification.

There are also following menu items which will give you an overview:

  • show overview: See a list of all appointments and treatments per month or per year
  • next appointments: see the appointments within the next 30 days
  • not paid yet:show only entries which are markes as not paid

Under „contacts“ you can view all names, addresses and phone numbers of blacsmiths, veteriaries etc.

The app will receive some updates in the future. But you should already be able to have a good overview of all treatments of your horse. I myself find it very useful to always know for example when the last visit of our blacksmith took place 😉

5 Antworten auf Horse Manager

  1. Alexandros Villiotis sagt:

    I purchased your application which I find very nice and helpful.
    I hope that you will make some improvements in the future.

    If I may suggest, in the contacts, where you have for example blacksmith, veterinarian, I would add, horse trainer, horse dentist and equine therapist. By equine therapist I mean „masseur“.

    It would also be of an advantage if you could add a tab for worming programmes. (Entwurmung Programme) not sure if that is correct…

    If you don’t mind I will send you any other idea I may have.

    Best Regards,
    Alex Villiotis

  2. Nancy sagt:

    I really agree with the comment above! I just discovered your app and would love it except it’s too limited with just the farrier and vet. Thanks!

  3. Eileen Hill sagt:

    I can not get the info from horse manager app on my Ipad to sync to my horse manager app on my IPhone. How can I get them to sync? I need the same info both places?

    • Fasty sagt:

      Thanks for your feedback.
      Currently syncing is not supported, but i’m looking into this feature and hope to resolve a solution in the future.
      With the iCloud it should be possible to do this but i need to totally change my way of storing data.

  4. Steve Borrill sagt:

    I have recently bought Horse Manager. I’s a nice easy to use app that let’s me keep track of my costs. I have tried to add other categories on the configuration page under Other Payments. I can type in the new category and select „speichern“ but the new category is not added. I am using and iPhone with software version iOS 7.02

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